Discover the low-power consumption and the high-computation performance of the STM32, which is driven by a Cortex™-M3 core. The STM32-PerformanceStick package comprises

  • User application DashBoard
  • Unlimited software tools
  • HiTOP IDE and debugger
  • Tasking VX Cortex C Compiler
  • C/C++ GNU compiler
  • USB interface for debugging and programming


  • Plug in the stick and watch the stick application
    • Compare the performance between an ARM7TDMI® and a Cortex™-M3 core
    • Power consumption measurements
    • Security and real-time clock features
    • ADC and counter measurements and with the additional IO extension board
    • CAN monitor and generator
    • Audio spectrum analysis
    • UART and IrDA communication
    • USB device control
    • Port I/O control
  • Change the properties of the stick application with the included graphical DashBoard
  • Learn about programming and debugging the STM32 microcontroller with the HiTOP IDE and the TASKING C-compiler
  • All included tools are without limitation (after registration)

What is included?

  • STM32-PerformanceStick with STM32F103R microcontroller
    • Cortex™-M3 core up to 72 MHz / 90DMips
    • 128 KByte flash and 20 KByte SRAM
    • USB full speed device, CAN and UART
    • NVIC, timers, I/Os, PWM, ADC and a lot of other peripherals
    • extension connector for Samtec micro edge connector MEC6-140-02-L-D-RA1
  • JTAG debugging over USB connector
  • UART comunication to the application over USB connector
  • Graphical DashBoard GUI controlling the stick application
  • HiTOP IDE and debugger for flash programming and debugging
  • Unlimited Tasking VX Cortex C Compiler
  • Demo applications in source code include
    • USB mouse
    • Vectored interrupt controller and timer
    • ADC and I/Os
    • CAN monitor and generator
    • STM32 library from STMicroelectronics
  • Full documentation with user manuals, data sheets and schematics
  • Web links for updates, FAQs and more information

To provide access to the most external capabilities of the STM32 chip the STM32-PerformanceStick allows to connect diverse extension boards over an 80-pin extension connector. Available extension boards can be found in our web shop: