8051 Architecture Overview

The 8051 family is one of the most common microcontroller architectures used worldwide. 8051 based microcontrollers are offered in hundreds of variants from many different silicon manufacturers. The 8051 is based on an 8-bit CISC core with Harvard architecture.

Hitex supports the 8051 architecture with a complete tool chain providing all you need for the professional development of 8051 based products. The modular and flexible in-circuit emulator MX51, which is available in different variations, and the high-end system AX51 cover hundreds of 8051 derivatives up to a maximum operating frequency of 42 MHz.

The modular DProbeHS emulation concept is dedicated to support specific high-speed 8051 derivatives up to 70 MHz effective operating frequency and 8051 derivatives with extended address space. Besides the numerous derivatives the DProbeHS also supports the emulation of self made 8051 derivatives based on embedded processor cores (SoC51).

Outstanding for these powerful in-circuit emulators is the sophisticated RIAS (Real Time Internal Access Supervisor) which provides additional debugging capabilities.

Modern 8051 derivatives, e.g. Infineon's XC800 family feature a JTAG debug interface which is fully supported by the efficient Tantino XC800.