Hardware Tools


For the standard bus and protocol specifications Ethernet, USB, FlexRay and CAN, Hitex provides several helpful tools and services accompanying the developer in his project.


Hitex offers several solutions for programming the internal Flash memory or external Flash chips. For the developer using Hitex tools with HiTOP, the Flash programming feature is already included.
For all other programming needs, Hitex supplies a wide range of solutions for service and maintenance up to high-end production programming solutions.

Energy Optimization

Minimizing the power consumption during software development with the awarded PowerScale with ACM technology (ACM = Active Current Measurement)

Easy-to-use Rapid FPGA Prototyping Platform

Rapid FPGA Prototype development System Tanto2-FPGA offers total flexibility regarding implementation and easy access to all signals of the FPGA via a Test&Measurement board and a Logic Analyzer board.

Chip Test

Based on the customer’s need to be able to distinguish in case of a system failure between a defective microcontroller or another fault, DeviceScan is especially designed for testing microcontrollers that are already integrated in final products.

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