From Hardware Abstraction Layer to an User Interface

Complete Software Development from one Supplier
Embedded Software Development comprehends often all levels of software layers between pure target hardware system (HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer) on one side and a graphical user interface running on a host PC (GUI) on the other end.

You can imagine that software development for all these layers requires know-how in all fields like

  • Low-level hardware driver development
  • Application specific peripheral software development
  • Peripheral communication protocols/stacks
  • Host/target communication USB/Ethernet
  • Host GUI development

Hitex provides this know-how as we have always developed products, where all software layers from firmware to GUI were necessary. 

Software Concept Definition and Specification
In close cooperation with our customers we can define the complete software concept and a detailed specification for a desired product.
This includes also a test specification (Use-Cases, Test-Cases).

Tool Selection
As expert for development tools, Hitex knows which 

  • Development environment (Compiler, Assembler, Debugger...)
  • Real-time operating system (RTOS)

is the best.