Solutions for Infineon XC800

Tantino XC800

Compact and cost-effective debug interface
All run-control debug facilities like breakpoints, single-step, register and memory view are supported. Together with the HiTOP5 IDE (a Windows based environment) you have everything to compile and debug your application.


Low-cost evaluation platform for 3 derivatives
The XC800 USCALE is an easy-to-use USB stick for evaluating XC866, XC886 and XC888. This tool includes development toolchains, demos and tutorials for quick installation and ease of use as well as access to the key features and hardware signals of each of the three microcontrollers.
The XC800 USCALE is available in the Hitex webshop.


Production programmer for XC800 controllers
Especially for customers that will start the production of their XC800-based products, we have created a special programming solutions that uses the JTAG connection as programming interface. The XC800-ProdPro is supporting all XC800 derivatives.

TantinoFlash for XC800

Easy-to-use JTAG flash programmer for Infineon XC800
This USB-driven tool is especially helpful for service and maintenance tasks. Due to the small size and the lack of need for an additional power supply this tool can be easily carried along by people working in the field. TantinoFlash for XC800 is available in the Hitex webshop.


Hitex provides a complete toolchain without any limitation for the XC800 family. The toolchain consists of a C-Compiler SDCC for XC800 and the IDE HiTOP (control of compiler within HiTOP and a source code debugger). HiTOP communicates via USB to on-board wigglers like implemented on the easyKits or via JTAG using a Tantino XC800 (add-on option, not for free).
You can download the toolchain here.