Training for NXP LPC2000 family

Seminar Location:
Hitex Ltd.
Warwick University, Science Park
Coventry CV4 7EZ
United Kingdom

Cost: £400

This seminar will be held in: English Language


Introduction to the NXP LPC2000 family of Microcontrollers Course outline

The object of this course is to introduce a development engineer to the NXP LPC2xxx family of microcontrollers. This includes developing an understanding of the ARM7 CPU and its development tools. All the key aspects of LPC2xxx system architecture and its user peripherals are also discussed.  This is a hands on course using the Keil MDK-ARM toolset. The Course is based at our offices at Warwick University Science Park and includes all course materials and Lunch.

Outline of the training day review of theLPC2000 family roadmap

Introduction to the ARM7 CPU covering key architectural features, programmer’s model and outline of the instruction set    

Software development
Introduction the Keil microcontroller development kit the real view compiler and debugging tools.

  • Building a first project
  • Interworking  ARM and Thumb code
  • Using Software interrupts
  • Debugging using Software simulator and JTAG
  • Debugging using the embedded trace macro cell

LPC21xx /LPC22xx System Architecture

  • LPC2000 bus structure
  • Memory map
  • Memory accelerator module
  • Programming the on chip flash
  • Clock Tree and PLL
  • Power control
  • Interrupt Structure

LPC23xx/LPC24xx enhanced system architecture

  • Outline of the important differences between the LPC21xx\LPC22xx and the LPC23xx\LPC2400 variants
  • LPC23xx\LPC24xx DMA Units

Using the LPC2000 peripherals

Core family peripherals

  • GPIO,Timers RTC and watchdog
  • ADC and DAC
  • SPI , I2C and UART

Complex peripherals

  • USB device controller
  • CAN controller
  • Ethernet MAC
  • MCI interface

Final Questions and Close

Building advanced application with the keil real time library


  • Introduction to Keil RL-RTOS
  • Overview of the RTOS services
  • Optimal  RTOS configuration

File System

  • Using the RL-File System API
  • Configuring the RL-File System for  Flash memory
  • Using SD/MM cards with SPI and MCI peripheral

USB driver

  • Introduction to the USB protocol
  • Building HID class applications
  • Building Mass storage applications
  • Other USB classes ( audio and legacy comm. Port)

Can driver

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