DProbe167 In-circuit emulator

The DProbe167 is the base module of Hitex's emulation support for the C166 family. It is a fully functional in-circuit emulator of handheld size. The modular concept ensures easy upgrading from a cost-effective entry-level solution up to the high-end emulation system with an unrivalled feature set. The most important features are:

  • C167E3-Bondout CPU ensures fully transparent, non-intrusive debugging
  • Support of maximum CPU speed and all operating voltages
  • 1 MByte overlay memory with zero wait state access at 33 MHz
  • Stand-alone operation without target
  • Plug&Play: no jumpers, no switches
  • High-speed download
  • Support for all popular compilers like Keil, Tasking and GNU

The following options allow for extensions of the DProbe167 base system:

  • Device adaptation modules: XPER module
  • Trace memory for program / data flow recording: DTrace
  • Dual-ported emulation memory: DMemory
  • High-end extension: DBox167