Emulation Devices and Adapters for XC2000 and XE166

The 176-pin XC2090ED and the 144-pin XC2080ED come with integrated MCDS (Multi-Core Debug Solution) features.

For these chips Hitex is offering a family of emulation adapters with 64, 100 or 144 pins. The adapters will be soldered directly into the target hardware in place of the CPU.

After adapter soldering comprehensive debug features are provided such as trigger and realtime trace by using the debugger TantinoXC-MCDS and the Tasking VX toolchain. If the target hardware is not yet available the adapter can also be used standalone for software tests.


  • The emulation adapters are based on the XC2090ED - 176 pin device
  • Every adapter consists of two parts, a socket to be soldered into the HW and a board with the ED that plugs onto the adapter
  • Access to the debug interface is via the OCDS or DAP interface in the target hardware or a DAP interface on the adapter itself