LPC1850/4350 Evaluation Board: Application Examples and Documents

Placement (LPC1850)PDF
Quick Start Guide (LPC1850)PDF
Schematics (LPC1850/4350)

Factory Demo Firmware of the LPC1850 and LPC4350 which is flashed at delivery. MDK project using FreeRTOS and different board peripheralsZIP
LPC4357 DualCore Example using M4 Kernel to run a USB MassStorage Device on USB0 and M0 Kernel to run MSD on USB1.
The example runs from the internal Flash.
External links
More information on LPC1800LPCWare
More information on LPC4300LPCWare
NXPs community file server. Here all the libraries and tools are provided. Examples and certain flash algorithm for MDK can also be found in the repositoriesClick here

Tested TFT display module

Also check for HDMI software at NXP: www.lpcware.com

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