Easy-to-use Rapid FPGA Prototyping Platform

Powerful FPGAs are available which make complex hardware design like SopCs easier than ever before. Developing hardware with software means integration of standard TTL logic ICs from available libraries and add other proprietary interfaces to create your own SoPC.

The flexibility of evaluation and prototyping boards is often limited as there are normally only standard interfaces with a fixed defined signal interface available. Extensions for proprietary interfaces cannot be adapted very easily.

This is the big advantage of Tanto2-FPGA system which offers total flexibility regarding implementation and easy access to all signals of the FPGA via a Test&Measurement board and a Logic Analyzer board. Thanks to an advanced Altera FPGA (Stratix II), Tanto2 allows to develop designs with around 3 million ASIC gates, complex interfaces such as LVDS, and high clock rates. Download your FPGA design via USB2.0 HS or Ethernet, and use big SRAMs for your application. 

Test and verification effort can be considerably reduced by I/O connections allowing e.g. to route out a tracebus for debug functions.