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The future has arrived: predictive maintenance!

IoT vibration analysis of train doors

Broken doors? Train failure.
Take a different approach: prevention rather than cure

Take part in our Digital Knowledge Lab, a free-to-attend workshop which presents a state-of-the-art customer project for predictive maintenance.

Vibration analysis for remote condition monitoring of train doors

See how we made this complex requirement a reality in a demanding Arm Cortex-M based IoT project. The workshop will take place on the 21st April 2021, 3-6 pm CEST.

The collaborative team of experts from Arm, EBV, Infineon and Hitex will give you a real-world insight into how this was achieved. They will also show you every part of the development process for this innovative Arm Cortex-based IoT project: Vibration Analysis for Remote Condition Monitoring (VA-RCM) for train doors.

Some project details:

  • Cloud services providing back office analysis tools
  • Non-intrusive observational analysis
  • Custom vibration sensors (accelerometers)
  • Edge processing utilising bespoke algorithms
  • WiFi to 4G gateway
  • End-to-end MQTT and security (encryption)
  • Rail standards compliance

This is an innovative system that remotely detects train door failures before they occur. The VA-RCM IoT platform is an end-to-end IoT solution with an innovative condition monitoring system that involves advanced vibration analysis techniques. The aim of the project is to predict when maintenance will be required, which will reduce the downtime of each train.

The system monitors and compares previous vibration data using internet-based remote condition monitoring. This results in the ability to detect failures and predict the maintenance needs of each train door.
Functional safety is implemented from the node to the cloud for each door. The system works purely as an observation function - it does not intervene in the operation of the door.

    Knowledge Lab: Online workshop with leading Arm Cortex-M experts

    When: 21st April 2021, 3-6 pm CEST

    Where: Online - from anywhere you want to be!

    Costs Free



    Each Slot is 20 minutes, i.e. 15 minutes lecture + Q&A + introduction next speaker
    We want to keep it short but we make sure that you take the most out of it!

    3:00 pm Welcome / Project introduction

    • Introduction / Presentation of project: “Vibration Analysis Remote Condition Monitoring IoT Platform”
      Project requirements and challenges // Hitex
    • Basics of machine learning // EBV

    3:45 pm Arm / Architecture and tools

    • Cortex-M architecture / XMC Features and Overview // Infineon
    • Development Basics with MDK Arm // Hitex
    • FuSa RTS / Certified Compiler / STL  // Hitex

    4:45 pm SW Quality and test

    • Static test // Hitex
    • Dynamic test // Hitex
    • HIL tests with miniHIL // Hitex

    5:45 pm XMC Preferred Design House

    • How things have changed CMSIS WiFi , Platform security Amazon predictive analysis // Hitex
    • Design and test services, eval boards, trainings // Hitex
    • Summary of the event // Hitex
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