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Set up smart and safe battery management

Workshop with experts and expertise

The already second AURIX Knowledge Lab lets us dive deep into the world of intelligent and safe battery management once again; with the experts from EBV, HighTec, Infineon, Neutron Controls, PLS and Hitex and using the example of a 32-bit AURIX™ microcontroller from Infineon.

Around Neutron Controls' BEVOP™ development platform, we show the use of essential components such as the AURIX TC399, TLE9012 battery monitoring, TLE9015 ISO UART transceiver and OPTIREG™ power management IC (PMIC). With the four battery monitoring ICs in this design, 48 lithium-ion cells can be monitored and balanced. Each of the four channels accommodate 12 cells and communicate with each other using UART.

A main focus in the Knowledge Lab will be set on available software components that can be used to develop a safe BMS as well as on different test procedures to prepare such a system for certification.


We will show you how to conceive and design such a project. Important aspects such as functional safety, compliance with standards, but also economic efficiency, will be presented by our experts in an understandable and compact way:

  • Introduction and project description
  • Project requirements
  • Hardware components
  • AURIX Safety Features
  • Testing a BMS

With a total of 9 presentations of approx. 15 minutes each (plus 5 minutes for your questions), we will go through everything important about battery management with an AURIX controller during this afternoon and answer your questions about it.


AURIX™ Knowledge Lab

When: 19 October 2022, 3-6 pm CEST

Where: virtual, from everywhere you want to

Costs for you: None



Each point is around 20 minutes, incl. Q&A.
We want to keep it short but we make sure that you take the most out of it!

Project Basics

  • "Introduction & Project presentation", Hitex + special guest

  • "Battery Management System requirements and challenges", Neutron

  • "Hardware requirements and challenges – Special hardware requirements", EBV

AURIX Safety and Security

  • "AURIX architecture / Safety with AURIX controllers in BMS", Infineon

  • "Hitex Driver for a BMS in the context of ASIL-D", Hitex

  • "Safety with the AURIX SafeTpack", Hitex

Software Quality and Test

  • "PXROS in BMS Projects", HighTec

  • "Advanced Debugging of BMS Systems", PLS

  • "BMS Test with miniHIL" with Live Demo, Hitex

  • "Software quality through static and dynamic tests", Hitex


  • "Preferred design house, eval boards, trainings and summary of event", Hitex

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