Building a safe and secure embedded world

Make your industrial control application safe

We'll show you how!

This year's AURIX Knowledge Lab edition is entirely dedicated to the safety and security of industrial applications. Again we'll use the example of a successful customer project as our basis for the Knowledge Lab. From the requirements and selection of the right components and tools we show some essential steps during the development and testing phases to build a safe and secure system that meets the requirements for certification.

Overload protection in crane systems by WIKA Motor Control

When moving large loads, reliable monitoring ensures both operational safety (overload) and protection of operating personnel (occupational safety). Outdoor applications are, for example, harbour cranes or maritime applications such as cranes on supply ships or oil rigs. The requirements for safety controls are described in the machinery directive (2006/42/EG), for example, overload controls or emergency stop switches. WIKA supplies the first system solution for overload protection in crane systems certified in Germany. This consists of up to eight redundant force transducers, a central control and the associated user software.


11 October 2023, 3-6 p.m. CEST



How to attend?

Free Knowledge Lab after registration


Short technical lectures 15 minutes each + 5 min Q&A (20 minute grid)




Each point is around 20 minutes, incl. Q&A.
We want to keep it short but we make sure that you take the most out of it!

Project Basics

  • "Introduction", Hitex

  • "Project description - Development of a safety control system", WIKA Motor Control

  • "What are the safety challenges in industrial applications", Hitex & WIKA Motor Control

  • "Selecting the right components for a safe control system", EBV

AURIX Safety and Security

  • "AURIX architecture / Safety with AURIX controllers", Infineon

  • "SafeTpack for IEC 61508 - project-related story", Hitex

  • "Security – TARA in industrial applications", Hitex

Software Quality and Test

  • "Muticore debugging of safety critical systems", PLS

  • "Unit testing for safety-critical applications", Hitex

  • "Certification according to IEC 61508", TÜV-SÜD


  • "AURIX Preferred design house and summary of event", Hitex

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