Building a safe and secure embedded world

Meet the Hitex Embedded Experts on booth 360 in hall 4

This year, Embedded World is again a fixed point and one of the most important dates for the industry. Like every year Hitex will show the current portfolio at its booth, this time supported by exciting demos and applications, which show the state of the art in safety critical developments with Arm Cortex-M and AURIX microcontrollers - be curious!

And it is no coincidence that we received the Embedded Award for the AURIX SafeTpack last year - for the fourth time in total, by the way! Benefit from our expertise in functional safety and embedded security at our booth! Our experts will be happy to talk to you about trends and possibilities, tools and components, applications and uses.

"Hitex is responsible for safety" - you could say something like that. At our booth, we show with two unusual demo applications the high standard of Safety & Security that our customers can achieve in cooperation with the experts from Hitex: Firstly, we show an engine control system from our customer CMD in Italy, which is used in light aircraft; on the other hand, an IoT application with arm mbed, in which the behavior of liquid in a tank (transporter) is monitored online. In both cases it is easy to imagine how strongly security-relevant these applications are.

CMD and Hitex present: Engine control for general aviation aircraft

Together with our customer and partner, we will present an extraordinary and exceptionally exciting project at our booth: an electronic engine control system for use in general aviation aircraft, a so-called FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control). The fact that such a control system has to meet the highest safety requirements need not really be mentioned further. For this reason, CMD in Italy chose the AURIX microcontroller from Infineon for this project. And what could be more obvious than to team up with the AURIX Preferred Design House, with Hitex? At our booth you can see a simulation with a real cockpit, the FADEC in real and "hands-on", and a prototype of the new CMD diesel engine as a true-to-scale 3D print.


Unit tests with TESSY: TESSY offers new functions

TESSY is a tool for automated unit/integration testing of embedded software. The new version 4.2 contains many new features. For example, the automatic estimation of the expected test effort. This estimation is based on a formula stored in the tool, into which metric values of the test object are incorporated. The powerful tool for automated dynamic module, unit and integration testing - has been enhanced with many new features and is now certified for medical and railway applications in addition to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

Arm Project: Mbed OS in IoT deployment

Trevor Martin, book author and Cortex expert, will show the latest on the arm development tools MDK-Arm, CMSIS and Mbed OS at the Hitex booth. As a practical example, there is an IoT project: monitoring the fluid behaviour in a tank truck during transport together with its exact GPS position. Trevor Martin will explain at the booth how this data finds its way into the cloud and can be processed.


BUGSENG at the Hitex booth: Static code analysis with ECLAIR

Would you like to get to know ECLAIR, a powerful platform for static code analysis? You have the opportunity to do so at the Hitex booth at embedded world (Hall 4, Booth 360): Our co-exhibitor and manufacturer of Eclair, BUGSENG, will be happy to advise you on site.

First appearance: ShieldBuddy TC375!

For the first time the ShieldBuddy TC375 is shown. This successor of the Shieldbuddy TC275 - used in the Rubik’s Cube world record of 637ms - brings not only more computing power in the Arduino form factor, but was also extended by essential safety functions. In addition to the possibilities of the AURIX safety controller, powerful safety concepts can be evaluated and tested on this platform by combining it with the external TLF35584 power supply and watchdog controller.

Testing of complex embedded real-time systems with miniHIL

Do you want to test in a simulated environment during the development process or do you need Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) tests? Testing embedded control systems in practice can be complex, expensive and risky. With HIL simulation using "system test/miniHIL" you can test efficiently in a virtual environment

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