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Fresh from the field: Customer applications at our booth!

TRAVEO goes video & PSoC drives a car!

Trade fair finally live and on site again!

We would like to whet your appetite for a visit to the trade fair. And, of course, to stop by our booth.

After a - let's say - mixed digital-only version last year, Embedded World is finally coming back as a presence event. And in the summer, too. Not that our exhibition team will be welcoming you in swimming shorts now, but for the evenings after a long day at the exhibition, new perspectives are opening up here, too, thanks to Nuremberg's beer gardens and garden restaurants!


What if your steering wheel in the car acted intelligently?
We'll show you how it works with a PSOC 4100S Max based demo application at our trade show booth:

  • Steering wheel with hands-on recognition based on the 5th generation CapSense architecture.
  • CapSense buttons with LED backlighting and trackpad with gesture support
  • Data to CapSense tuner transmitted via CAN-FD & CapSense tuning via I2C/UART and much more ...

What if the TRAVEO II would play videos with a Raspberry PI 4?
We'll show you how it works with a demo application at our trade show booth:

  • Movie converted to MJPEG by the RaspberryS
  • Streamed via RTP to Traveo II
  • Decoded and displayed by the TRAVEO II

What if we had MOTEON as a co-exhibitor on the stand?

MOTEON’s passion about motor control can be experienced with our demonstrator the Motor Messenger. While the motor is running in a sensorless field-oriented control, the star potential is shaped to post messages on a scope screen having no effect on sinusoidal phase currents. Such a modulation illustrate the competencies of motor control optimization to reach among others the maximum of a 3-phase inverter while preserving the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) or reduce the number of switching losses.

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