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The experts of EBV, Infineon and Hitex will give you real insights and show you every part of the development of a brushless DC transfer case control unit. During the tour we cover all major steps from specification through the selection of components (microcontroller, safety and power components), safety and security aspects to software quality and tests. 

In the rapidly evolving market, there are a growing number of challenges transfer case designs must overcome today.
These range from the rising demand for increasing activation cycles over the system’s lifetime, to the trend towards BLDCs for their longevity and dynamic performance, to greater security and functional safety requirements. 
>>Technical project details

Challenges met in this project:

  • ISO 26262 compliance
  • Safety requirement
  • Secure communication
  • Professional software tests
  • HIL-tests in the early project stage

Accompany us through this development project and solutions found for the challenges.


Online workshop with AURIX™ experts

When: 7 october 2020, 3-6pm CEST

Where: virtual, from everywhere you want to

Costs for you: None



Each point is around 20 minutes, incl. Q&A.
We want to keep it short but we make sure that you take the most out of it!

3 pm         Welcome and AURIX™ Basics

  • Project presentation (Hitex)
  • Project requirements and challenges (Hitex)
  • Power electronics, suitable processor (EBV)

3:45 pm    AURIX™ Safety and Security

  • AURIX™ architecture, safety basics of AURIX™ controllers (Infineon)
  • SafeTpack: How to handle functional safety? (Hitex)
  • CycurHSM: And what about security requirements? (Hitex)

4:45 pm   Software Quality and Test

  • Static code analysis (Hitex)
  • Dynamic tests with TESSY (Hitex)
  • HIL tests with miniHIL (Protos)

5:45 pm   Preferred Design House

  • Eval boards, trainings and summary (Hitex)


Project Details



Function of the components in detail

AURIX TC334: This is a single core with lockstep to realize an ASIL B application. It runs the SafeTPack library and all the timers for the motor control and the evaluation of the sensors.

TLF35584: The power supply and the safety watchdog for the AURIX

TLE9180: High-power 3-phase bridge driver with charge pump, shoot through protection, dead time insertion and monitoring, voltage and temperature control and safe SPI communication

High-side Switch: Feedback path for safety features

TLE9251: Can FD transceiver

TLE9221: Flexray transceiver

N-MOSFET IPC100N04S5-1R2 switches:
a) The top one: Power switch and reverse polarity protection: The TLE9180 implements reverse polarity protection and also has a safe output that can switch a MOSFET on/off as a main switch.
b) The 6 switches (U,V,W): this is the bridge circuit to the motor
c) The 3 series FET to the motor: The TLF35584 can switch three MOSFETs via a safe state output to establish a safe state.

TLE5501 E002: 360° angle measurement via analog sine and cosine signal, automotive qualified AEC-Q100, safety manual and safety analysis summary report available.



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