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Pre-certified class B library for Atmel SAM D2x

The pre-certified class B library for SAM D2x eases the compliance with safety standards for household appliances.

Hitex has designed a pre-certified self test library for Atmel Corporation’s SAM D2x microcontrollers. This library helps manufacturers achieve compliance with safety standards for household appliances wich mostly require the class B certification level.

According to the IEC 60335 and IEC 60730 standards a microcontroller-based device has continuously to prove reliable operation. For this purpose Atmel now offers the free of charge class B library developed by Hitex. This pre-certified package provides test routines to meet the requirements of a class B certification.

“We are pleased that Atmel now is the fourth chip manufacturer building on Hitex’ expertise  concerning class B safety,” says Dr. Kurt Böhringer, Head of Engineering at Hitex. “We have already developed, tested and got certified safety libraries for Energy Micro, Infineon and NXP. Hitex is not only offering support for selftest libraries, but also services for the complete development process concerning the integration of safety concepts.”

The free library is available at

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