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Hitex announces new partnership with NeoMore

Hitex accelerates growth of the unit-test software TESSY in Europe through partnership with NeoMore.

Hitex has announced a new partnership with NeoMore S.A., a major distributor in France serving hundreds of companies. Under the agreement NeoMore will market, distribute, and provide value-added services for TESSY unit-test software to customers in France.

TESSY is a software tool to automate module-unit testing of embedded software written in various embedded dialects of the programming languages C and C++. TESSY helps to improve embedded software quality and can be used to get the certification for product according to standards like IEC 61508, EN 50128/50129, DO-178B, ISO/IEC 15504 (Automotive SPICE), or the general principles of software validation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). TESSY originates from the former software technology laboratory of Daimler in Berlin, Germany and is now used worldwide by major customers in automotive, industrial, computing, medical and many other industries.

NeoMore is a premium provider in France development tools addressing customers that design their own hardware and willing to develop the embedded software from low level layers, to high end integration, deployment, and maintenance.

With the TESSY range of unit testing solutions NeoMore is complementing its portfolio of software validation tools.

The agreement with NeoMore is part of Hitex strategic focus on expanding the TESSY business through local channel partners with the ability to provide more support and value added services to TESSY customers.

“France is an exciting embedded systems market that employs more than 200,000 persons” said Frank Hoschar, Hitex Managing Director. “We are convinced that there is a strong requirement of continuous enhancement of embedded software quality to satisfy the needs of safety and business critical applications like automotive, industrial, transportation, medical and aerospace applications.”

NeoMore is increasing its portfolio of the embedded systems software tools for the French market with the TESSY solution from Hitex, to better serve its customers dealing with safety critical related projects” said Stéphane Oillic, General Manager at NeoMore. “The high quality, the innovative technology of TESSY fit perfectly in the current NeoMore’s commitments to provide productivity tools to reduce time to market, of certified, safe products.“

About Hitex

Hitex GmbH, based at Karlsruhe/Germany, was founded in 1976 as a systems house. Today, Hitex is focusing on a comprehensive product and service portfolio for software quality and functional safety in embedded applications. Hitex is not only offering professional tools, but also services such as consulting, training, test services or certification support.

About NeoMore

Founded in 2003 by embedded tools experts, NeoMore, a European company based in France, brings to its customers the best solutions for their real-time embedded project including development tools for 8/16/32/64 bits microprocessors/microcontrollers, but also industrial boards and computers for customers wanting to integrate Commercial Off-the-Shelf  products. NeoMore is located in Plaisir (78) in France, 25km west of Paris, France.

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