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Proof Your Test Quality

Watch our free Webinar.

Testing is always a good idea. But a test is only as good as the used test cases. Code Coverage provides a good metric to verify the quality and suitability of the chosen test cases.

Together with PLS we will show you in our free webinar the Universal Debug Engine's (UDE's) trace-based code coverage features.

What are the advantages of UDE? In short term: UDE allows to measure the code coverage in situations where other code coverage tools reaching their limits:

  • where code instrumentation is not allowed anymore
  • where code is optimized by the compiler
  • if you want to test without affecting the run-time behavior of your application

The webinar will also give you some hints what to consider with optimized code and how to use UDE scripting features to measure the code coverage in automated tests.

Watch webinar recording here.

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