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Accelerate AURIX designs with new complex drivers

AURIX complex drivers by Hitex can easily be integrated into the IEC 61508 or ISO 26262 process and reduce time-to-market.


Hitex has created a set of specialized complex drivers for Infineon AURIXTM that can be used in addition to Infineon's MC-ISAR low-level drivers based on the AUTOSAR MCAL layer or with any other SW architecture.

The drivers are speed-optimized and suited for automotive and industrial safety applications and are supplied with MISRA-C2 source code, software requirements specifications, detailed design documents and test plans for easy integration into the customer's own IEC 61508 or ISO 26262 development process. The drivers insulate real-time operating system users from the complexities of the AURIX peripherals, reducing them to simple function calls through a well-defined API. This massively reduces the time-to-market of a product as the complex low-level CPU interfacing is already done and the user can focus his development effort on the application level. A big advantage for price-sensitive projects is the availability as single drivers. This can help to get prototype systems up and running very quickly.

Drivers for different AURIX derivatives are available including drivers for MULTICAN, Quad Encoder, ERU interrupt, PFLASH programming, 6 and 3-phase GTM drivers, 3-phase Hall encoder driver and many more.

Hitex can modify existing drivers to suit individual customer requirements or create specialized drivers for specific requirements.

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