Building a safe and secure embedded world

Presentations at the ESE 2022

Hitex will give 2 presentations at ESE, on the topics: Cybersecurity and Functional Isolation.

More information: and Agenda of ESE.


Our presentations

Cybersecurity: Wie umgehen mit Normen und Anforderungen?

6 December, 10:35 am, in German language

What you will learn:

After a brief overview of basic cyber security terms, we will use ISO21434 as an example to show you the impact of these new requirements. Concrete examples illustrate, among other things, the development process and stumbling blocks you may encounter.


Functional Isolation for ┬ÁC-Based Safety-Critical Software by Trevor Martin

7 December, 3:35 pm

What you will learn:

This presentation will describe RTOS approaches to functional Isolation using both spatial and temporal techniques along with enhanced error management. During the presentation we will also review hardware features within the Cortex-M family of processors which support both an RTOS and safety applications. The presentation will also cover the CMSIS Zone Utility that can be used to manage complex memory maps found in multiprocessor, safety and security applications.


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