Building a safe and secure embedded world

Continuous Integration for Embedded Systems

Webinar on February 16, 11 AM CET. Join us.

Any small code change to an embedded system can have the most malicious effects. Moreover, if you find and fix the problems too late, the fix is very expensive. For software projects, complete automation of the tests via Continuous Integration (CI) helps. Every code change automatically triggers the test of the complete software.

But how can this be achieved for system or integration testing of embedded systems? Hardware-in-the-loop tests (HIL tests) or manual system tests are often difficult to automate.

The solution?
Hardware-in-the-loop testing with the miniHIL allows you to fully automate testing via Continuous-Integration.

How does it work?
We will show you in our webinar!
Only through complete and fast test automation embedded software can be developed effectively in teams. Join us!

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