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The fundamentals of AURIX multi-core debugging with UDE

Webinar with Jens Braunes (PLS), rewatch our recording.

The complexity of today’s embedded applications presents many new challenges for developers, especially with regard to software quality, software test and of course the quality of the test itself. Code Coverage provides a good metric to verify the quality and suitability of the chosen test cases.

This webinar will introduce the fundamentals of AURIX multi-core debugging with UDE for the Infineon AURIX.

Key take aways from this webinar:

- Getting started with multi-core debugging with UDE
- How to create a multi-core debug session from scratch

We will familiarize you with the UDE user interface and show you how to get the best overview. Using practical examples, we will show which special features UDE offers for easy and efficient multi-core debugging

» Missed the webinar? You may view it here!

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