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Webinar: Round up of CMSIS developments

Designing Software for Cortex-M7 and ARMv8-M

In 2016 we saw the first Cortex-M7 based microcontrollers and in 2017 the first ARMv8-M processors will start to be released. The Cortex-M7 is the first Cortex-M processor to feature Instruction and data caches while the new Cortex-M33 and Cortex-M23 will feature Trust Zone for secure networked applications. In this webinar we will examine the extensions to the CMSIS-Core specification which are designed to support these processors and also present an overview of the CMSIS-RTOS2 API. The webinar will also introduce the new debug features introduced with MDK-ARM 2.22.

Webinar with Trevor Martin, Hitex UK.

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