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Access to trace and processor signals of new AURIX™

Hitex has created trace and breakout adapters for the second generation of Infineon’s AURIX™ microcontrollers to ease access to trace and processor signals of the new AURIX-TC3xx family.

With the new adapters for AURIX TC3x7 and TC3x9, developers can analyze program behavior and ensure the application’s real-time capability. By connecting the adapter to the target hardware, access to detailed trace information and to the I/O pins is provided. No hardware modifications are necessary to handle the high frequencies of the trace and processor signals.

Additionally, the new adapter generation also features a DAPE (Debug Access Port for Emulation Device) interface allowing the connection of two debuggers. The adapters are available for BGA292 and BGA516 housings and can be individually configured according to custom requirements.

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