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Webinar: Agile for Embedded

Modern agile techniques in the development of embedded software. Webinar with Niall Cooling, Feabhas (UK), on Thursday, 23th March, 3.30 pm CET.

The webinar at 11.00 am is fully booked. We can offer a second appointment in the afternoon at 3.30 pm CET. Just register here!

In this webinar, we will overview how modern Agile techniques are changing the way embedded software is being developed. First, we shall clarify the Agile landscape, covering both process based aspects, such as Scrum and various techniques, including Test Driven Development (TDD) and some of the underlying foundation principles, such as Continuous Integration (CI). As part of the discussion we shall look at some of the modern-day tools that help apply Agile techniques (e.g. Docker) and finally look ahead to the current gaps and where embedded systems offer particular challenges to the use of Agile techniques.

Webinar will be held in English Language.

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