Building a safe and secure embedded world

A tried-and-tested partner for the automotive industry

Nowadays, nothing works without embedded systems, and that holds true for the automotive industry as well. The topics of safety and security take on added significance here, and it is precisely in these fields that functional safety must be guaranteed and safety standards met. In the wake of the increasing networking of cars, the requirements for attack prevention and anti-fraud protection are also on the rise.

For many years now, Hitex has been successfully managing customer development projects in the automotive industry. We provide assistance in a consulting and advisory capacity to help you make fundamental decisions and select appropriate tools. Project supervision can range from factors such as preparing the right tool landscape, to training and services, through to certification, whereby all important standards, norms and technologies are taken into consideration: IEC 61508, ISO 26262, ISO/TS 16949, CAN, MOST, AUTOSAR.

A whole range of top car manufacturers and suppliers rely on the expertise of Hitex when it comes to optimizing processes and minimizing risks. This includes the Hitex Test Services, which are provided precisely in accordance with customer specifications and make a decisive contribution to obtaining certification. Read our customer testimonials here.


Developing automotive applications requires a high level of quality in all steps of product creation.

Many standards must be considered such as

  • ISO 26262

Hitex with over 40 years of experience has assisted automotive companies in this process, from risk analysis through safety concept to the final product.

Consulting for all stages of a microcontroller development project

Engineering based on comprehensive embedded development expertise with >40 years of experience

Testing for automotive software?

Hitex is the perfect test partner for

  • Unit test & static code analysis
    Dynamic module and unit tests with professional tools
  • Static code analysis
  • Integration tes
  • System test
  • Code review
  • Test documentation

Tools for professionals

The best tools to reduce time to market and ease certification

  • Development Tools
    • IDE
    • Compiler (also with certification)
    • Debug Interfaces
  • Tanto3 FPGA Prototyping Platform
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Programmer for development and production

AURIX – microcontroller for fast response times

The AURIX architecture by Infineon ensures performance and safety requirements up to the ASIL-D safety standard while also guaranteeing outstanding real-time processing, which enables rapid response times. To guarantee competent advice for sophisticated AURIX projects, Hitex was selected by Infineon as the AURIX Preferred Design House.

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