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Flasher Portable/Flasher Portable PLUS

Flasher Portable and Flasher Portable Plus are handheld and battery-driven programming tools for microcontrollers with on-chip and/or external flash memory. These programmers are especially designed for extremely portable needs such as in-field firmware updates.

Flasher Portable can be powered by its internal battery (rechargeable for Flasher Portable Plus) or USB. Initial setup for stand-alone mode operation can be done via the J-Flash software, which requires a PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Flasher Portable Plus additionally provides up to eight configurations/image files stored on the Flasher, so one unit can be used for different targets, versions or configurations. Image selection can be done simply by clicking a button.

Adapters for all common connections are available.


  • Stand-alone in-circuit-programmer (can be controlled without a PC after initial setup)
  • No external power supply required, powered by internal battery
  • Up to 10 hours programming with one battery charge
  • Supports having up to eight configurations/data files being stored on Flasher
  • Easy selection between multiple images/configurations stored on Flasher
  • 128 MB internal memory for configuration and data file storage
  • Supports ARM, Cortex, PowerPC and Renesas RX cores
  • Supports internal and external flash devices
  • Free software updates, 1 year of support
  • Data files can be updated via mass storage or via J-Flash
  • Target interface: JTAG / SWD / FINE / SPD
  • Programming speed typically between 30 KB/second and 1 MByte/second. Max. programming speed highly depends on target hardware and max. programming speed of the flash itself
  • Authorized Flashing allows to limit the number of flash programming cycles and to protect the Flasher against non-authorized access in case of external production