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PowerScale with ULINKpro

Hitex PowerScale with Keil ULINKpro

Beside the trace streaming feature obtained through the Keil ULINKpro (ETM and high-speed SWV) a direct energy measurement analysis is available via sychronisation of µVision and the PowerScale GUI.

This guarantees that the customer is in position to check any influence on energy consumption during modifying parameters in the software as ISR, clock rates etc.. The sampling rate of 100k samples/sec along with the ULINKpro high-speed rate ensures real correlation to the code being analyzed.

Synchronization of ULINKpro and PowerScale with the Isolation Adapter

Beside the optical isolation and along with the extended debug features (high-speed JTAG debug interface with 15MHz and SW with 20MHz, full-speed data trace capture with serial wire viewer) the ULINKpro Isolation Adapter has to be used in either case to manage the synchronisation between ULINKpro and PowerScale.

Features of the ULINKpro Isolation Adapter

  • Provides digital isolation up to 1,000V (1kV)
  • High-speed Debug - JTAG (15MHz) and SW (20MHz)
  • Full-speed data trace capture (SWV)
  • Supports instruction trace capture up to 150 Mbps using 2 or 4-pin ETM
  • Enables timing synchronization with optional power measurement probes
  • Wide I/O Voltage range 1.8V - 5.5V
  • External power (via USB connector) minimizes power taken from target

Operating the ULINKpro Isolation Adapter with the Hitex PowerScale system the switch on the PC-board edge should be set to the ETM position (see picture).

To complete ULINKpro and PowerScale proper functionality the synchronization cable has to be connected between ULINKpro Isolation Adapter and PowerScale.The Isolation Adapter is not included as standard with ULINKpro. It must be purchased separately. With this feature the source code corresponding to a measured data can be easily shown and opimized in terms of the applications power consumption.

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