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Adapting Tessy Test Cases

Adapting Tessy Test Cases to Modified Test Objects

The structure of a test case reflects the interface of the test object. The interface of a test object consists of the input variables of the test object (i.e. the variables that are read by the test object) and the output variables of the test object (i.e. the variables that are written by the test object). Naturally, a variable can be both input and output. If existing, the return value of a test object belongs to the output variables. If the test object calls other functions, these calls also belong to the interface.

During the development of software, often already tested test objects need to be changed or enhanced. Often this results in a changed interface. However, the existing test cases should be re-useable as far as applicable. But if the interface has changed, the test cases need adaptation to the new interface.

Tessy eases this task significantly by means of the Interface Data Assign Editor. It is not necessary to edit a test script.