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TESSY - Licensing FAQs

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What license models are available?

TESSY is available with a node-locked license or with a floating license.
The node-locked license restricts the use of TESSY to the PC the license is issued for. The node-locked license is not transferable to another PC. It is not a dongle license.
One or more floating licenses are administrated by a Floating License Server (FLS). At the same time, you may use TESSY as many times as the amount of licenses the FLS disposes over.

What is included in a license?

Both node-locked and floating license of TESSY include:

a. A license for the Classification Tree Editor CTE.
b. Maintenance for 6 months after purchase.
c. A license to use all combinations of microcontroller / cross compiler / debugger supported by your TESSY version.

Is a license valid for previous versions of TESSY?

Yes. If you dispose of a license for a certain TESSY version, this license is also valid for previous versions of TESSY. I.e. a license valid for TESSY V4.0 is also valid for e.g. TESSY V3.2 or Tessy V2.9.

Is a license permanent?

Yes. A license is permanent (or perpetual). This means you can use TESSY with a given license as long as you want.

Is a license global?

Yes. If it is technically possible (usually by VPN) you can access a remote TESSY Floating License Server (FLS) from anywhere in the world in order to obtain a TESSY license. E.g. a TESSY user located in India can use a TESSY license from a FLS located in Germany. This is legal, i.e. explicitly allowed by the licensing policy.

Can I check out a floating license?

Yes. From the Floating License Server, a license can be transferred to another PC for a maximum of 30 days. This allows TESSY to be used on a PC not connected to any network. For the license transfer, it is not necessary for the remote PC to have access to the Floating License Server.

Can I rent a license?

No. Renting or leasing of TESSY licenses is not possible.

Can I upgrade from a node-locked license to a floating license?

No. Such an upgrade is currently not availlable.