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TESSY - Post Purchase FAQs

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Is a maintenance contract available and what does it provide?

A maintenance contract is available. It provides support (by phone and e-mail) and updates (including updates requiring a new license).
A maintenance contract from Hitex entitles to participate in the TESSY trainings by Hitex in Karlsruhe at a reduced price and in the participation of the TESSY User Day free-of-charge. A maintenance contract from Hitex also grants access to the special Support Area for TESSY from Hitex.

What is the TESSY User Day?

The TESSY User Day is a meeting of TESSY Users. Its intention is to share TESSY expertise, to learn about new TESSY features, and to collect new requirements for TESSY. It is organized by Hitex usually one time a year and usually takes place in Karlsruhe. It is usually held in German language. To find out about the date of the next TESSY User Day, see details in the training section.

Is training available?

Training for TESSY is provided by Hitex. Training open for all is provided regularly, usually in Karlsruhe/Germany. Such training comprises of two or three days. To find out about the date of the next open training, see our training section.
Training at the customer’s site is customized to your requirements. Normally, training takes between one and three days. For details, please contact us.

Is consulting available?

Consulting for TESSY is provided by Hitex. For details, please chekc out our embedded services section.