Requirements traceability

Since TESSY V3.0 you can create requirements in TESSY or import requirements into TESSY. TESSY V3.1 is able to import and export requirements in ReqIF format (supported by most requirement management tools). The exported requirements include information about test cases linked to the requirements and if these test cases passed or failed.

A requirement (including a sketch) in TESSY

Linkage of requirements

Requirements can be linked to modules, test objects, and/or test cases

Requirements coverage test report

After the tests are run, Tessy displays the achieved requirements coverage

New requirements

If new baselines of requirements are imported, TESSY marks the affected elements (e.g. test cases) as “suspicious”.

TESSY displays the differences between versions of requirements

It is then up to the user to decide if the test object and test case needs to be adapted to the new requirement or not (e.g. if only a typo was corrected).