Generation of Tests

The Generator Test Case is a special type of test case that allows generating tests from value ranges.
A generator test case can have value ranges

Examples for value ranges:
       [1,3] = 1, 3
       [3:8] = 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
       [1:5;2] = 1, 3, 5
or combinations of it, e.g. [1:5,17,19:25;2,33]

Saving the generator test case creates test steps

The input values of the test steps are created by combining values from the generator test case.
The output values are of the test steps are taken from the generator test case.

The generated test steps are executed as usual
You can transform generated test steps to normal test steps
Values of the generated test steps can be changed then
The generator test case is preserved and can be reused
You can then use other value ranges than the original ones