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AURIX Preferred Design House

Hitex-Webinar: AURIX Partner für erfolgreiche Projekte>

Hitex-Webinar: Automated approach to achieve the ISO 26262 freedom from interference concept>

Hitex-Webinar: Software optimization with the Tasking Embedded Profiler>


  • AURIX ServicesHitex is AURIX Preferred Design House: Overview on Hitex AURIX services for automotive and industrial

AURIX documents

  • AURIX Unleashed
    Getting started with AURIX: Basic introduction to the Infineon AURIX for those working in general embedded systems development.
  • AURIX Guide
    Hitex Software Solutions for AURIX - a detailed description of the available drivers

Hitex ShieldBuddy TC275

  • AURIX Whitepaper
    Introduction and overview: AURIX multicore programming with the ShieldBuddy TC275 from Hitex
  • AURIX Getting Started Guide
    Documents and useful links for the ShieldBuddy TC275: Getting started guide, user manual, free toolchain for the AURIX family and ShieldBuddy forum

Hitex Trace and Breakout Adapter for AURIX