Building a safe and secure embedded world

Static Code Analysis

In recent years, the importance of software quality and security has grown increasingly. But how does static code analysis contribute to making applications more secure?

Static code analysis analyzes the source code without executing it. What is it all for? To find potential faults, vulnerabilities and security risks. Static code analyzers thus find patterns that indicate software faults or vulnerabilities.

Advantages of static code analysis:

  • Early fault detection
  • Thus cost-effective troubleshooting
  • Reduces number of dynamic tests
  • Complete code analysis
  • Problems are identified even in unused code

Basic static analysis can also be performed by many compilers. Because they bring some analysis possibilities by house. But specialized tools, such as ECLAIR, can also be used. We will be happy to inform you.

You don't have the resources to run static code analysis? With a large testing team, Hitex can respond flexibly to your needs: You have a large project and need immediate help? No problem! You need short-term support for testing a few modules in your project? No problem either! We can support you in a timely manner.

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