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Expertise in the field of embedded tools and solutions goes by one name: Hitex

40 years of embedded systems: all things microcontroller-related

Hitex has been an expert in embedded systems since day one. It all started in 1976 with the development of the first text system with an integrated microcontroller. Since the 1980s, Hitex has been a manufacturer in the embedded segment for in-circuit emulators and custom systems. Along the way it has added more tools, along with embedded design training and solutions. Combined with its expertise as a manufacturer and the experience gained through many customer projects, Hitex is now positioned as the ideal embedded partner for your development team.



An introduction to developing secure microcontroller systems with the Mbed-TLS cryptographic library. Karlsruhe, January 31, 2018 - with Trevor Martin...
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Join us for our next webinar when we will present an overview of the Message Queued Telemetry Transport protocol MQTT: Thursday, 7 December, 11.00 CET
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Free conference and exhibition: 2 days of training and 1 day conference with leading experts
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Expertise, tools, training & solutions
for the entire embedded design chain,
from ideation to final production
From automotive over industry automation,
medical, chipcard & security, rail & transport,
special vehicles to household appliances
All microcontroller-related challenges:
safety, security, and energy
efficiency for all your embedded designs
ARM, Razorcat, TÜV SÜD,
VDE, Wittenstein and
chip makers such as Infineon