Embedded system development plans? We consult!

Hitex offers advice from concept to production, with over 40 years of experience

Embedded systems consulting for the microcontrollers segment

Hitex is your ideal embedded solutions consultant for your development division. We have been experts in embedded solutions since 1976 and have over 40 years of experience from development all the way through manufacturing and production.

As a former embedded manufacturer, Hitex has a more intimate knowledge of the microcontroller industry than a provider that purely offers consulting. Beyond consulting and engineering, the Hitex portfolio also includes embedded development tools, software components, testing, training, and systems manufacturing. We offer you consulting services in all areas

  • from basic consulting, gap analyses and feasibility studies to
  • target determination workshops, strategy concepts,
  • team coaching, project monitoring, implementation of process improvements and more.

The task at hand is always to improve efficiency and optimize the entire development of embedded software and systems. Take advantage of our wide range of expertise in various industries and fields.

  • Automotive
  • Industry and building automation
  • Medical devices
  • Rail & transport
  • Chipcard & security
  • Sopecial and commercial vehicles
  • Household appliances and more …

Ideation consulting

The classic case for ideation consulting is usually when the customer needs something and is looking for the best possible solution. These are usually products that have to be made “smart.” How can I control a home sauna from my smartphone's touch display? Or how can I create a secure firmware update on a USB flash drive? Hitex knows exactly what to do.  MORE ›

Systems consulting

Systems consulting is more concerned with universal questions: How can a system be designed properly from the very beginning so that it meets certain requirements or standards? Hitex specializes in systematic thinking. MORE ›

Technology consulting

What is the best technical foundation? In order to make the right decision here, customers often approach us and present their own approaches. Can I solve this or that problem better with an FPGA or with a microcontroller? What is the best microcontroller for this application? What development tool should I use for best results? How can I integrate industrial Ethernet or USB for best results? We'll find the right solution and technology. MORE ›

Process consulting

Some customers approach us directly when they determine that they are experiencing too many loops in their development process. Or they find that they require far too many bug fixes. The goal is always to optimize the structure of processes and teams, which also includes satisfying new requirements and standards (such as for security). Selecting the right tools often plays a part as well. MORE ›

Safety consulting

“How do we obtain security certification for this product?” “What do I need to do in order to truly make our product secure?” “How can we reach our goal as effectively as possible?” These are our customers' most frequently asked questions when it comes to functional safety. We then define the requirements or parameters for process optimization, or solve certain subtasks such as integrating testing processes. MORE ›