Reaching safety goals

Hitex safety training, consulting and services

Safety Training, Consulting and Services

Development and certification according to standards can be challenging. We are glad to support you in this challenge by providing safety trainings, consulting and services. We bring you quickly closer to your safety goal!

Safety Training and Consulting

Our experts are equipped with a rich knowledge when it comes to standards, like IEC 61508 and ISO 26262. We are glad to share our experience with you and compile a safety training that is specifically tailored to your situation and needs. In doing so you get exactly the information that you really need. In order to ensure that your next safety project becomes a success, you can also make use of the Hitex safety consulting services.

FMEDA – Failure Mode, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis

For the certification of an embedded system according to IEC/DIN EN 61508 or ISO 26262 the hardware has to come below certain failure rates and fulfill target values for hardware metrics for every safety function. The Safe Failure Fraction (IEC/DIN EN 61508) and the Single Point Faults Metric (ISO 26262) are examples for hardware metrics.

In order to prove the fulfillment of the failure rates and hardware metrics, a Failure Mode, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis, abbreviated as FMEDA, often has to be conducted. In doing so, hardware as well as software experts are required as the entire hardware design and the diagnostic techniques implemented in the system have to be considered. FMEDAs belong to the Hitex core safety competencies for quite some time.

Integration of Safety Libraries

The application of microcontrollers in safety-critical systems often requires the execution of various diagnostic procedures, like self and memory tests (SFRs, RAM, ROM, Cache, …). Furthermore, a correct functioning of DMA and ECC units and peripheral components, like bus controllers, has to be proven. 

Hitex was involved in the development of several safety libraries that implement the aforementioned diagnostic procedures. Therefore we have the ability to conduct an integration of a safety library in your application – fast and without much preparation. Try us out!

Our focus areas:

  • PRO-SIL™ SafeTcore library for projects according to IEC/DIN EN 61508
  • Class B libraries for projects according to IEC 60335 and IEC 60730

Test Services (Unit and System Tests)

The implementation and conduction of software tests often does not count to the favorite activities of developers. While undiscovered bugs in desktop applications can lead to unpleasant effects, like programs that “do not respond”, errors in safety-critical embedded software can cause damage to persons. Consequently, software tests are broadly addressed in safety standards. The DIN EN 61508 for example requires the conduction of unit and integration tests within the so called software safety lifecycle.

Whether you are interested in a certification or simply want to improve the quality of your embedded software, you can count on the Hitex test services. In doing so, we apply the software tool Tessy. Tessy itself is qualified for the development of safety-critical software according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 (including ASIL D). 

You want to conduct your own tests with Tessy? No problem. We distribute Tessy for our partner Razorcat, so you can purchase Tessy licenses from Hitex as well.