Embedded World 2017:
14 - 16 March 2017 // Nuremberg, Germany

Over 930 exhibitors will be presenting tools and services of embedded world to more than 30,000 trade visitors from 73 countries. Come and see what Hitex can do for your embedded project!

Highlights on booth 578 in hall 4

Hitex is focusing on functional safety and security in embedded systems and presenting a broad portfolio for the complete development process – from the idea to production and certification. This includes qualified development and test tools as well as certified software components.

FPGA platform for rapid prototyping
A new addition to the Hitex portfolio is the universal, flexible and scalable FPGA platform Tanto3 for rapid prototyping. Tanto3 can be modified to the user’s needs by simple programming and is ideal for test applications, signal and bus analysis, debugging and programming as well as FPGA development. The platform is equipped with high-speed communication interfaces (USB3.0, Gigabit Ethernet) and a 3,5“ TFT color touch screen. The fanless passive cooled system with its Cyclone V SoC control processor, a 1GB DDR3 RAM, a powerful Stratix V and 24MB SSRAM can be configured and used for sophisticated applications.

Unit-Tests of Software in C++ with TESSY V4.0
TESSY – the invaluable tool for automated dynamic module, unit and integration testing of embedded software – is now available in V4.0. One key feature of TESSY V4.0 is greatly improved support for testing embedded software written in C++ thanks to a new clang-based parsing technology. This allows TESSY to collect more insightful data when analyzing software for testing and then offer useful picklists, for example, of possible constructors for instantiating a test object. Using this information, TESSY can also provide automatic stubs for methods called by the test object. It is also possible to test templates and derived classes.

Competence in Safety & Security
Come and see our comprehensive product and service portfolio for functional safety according to standards. To assist you in assuring compliance with IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, Hitex not only offers tools but also test services including code coverage, static analysis and certification, development and integration of self test libraries as well as consulting and training. For the first steps, you will find different safety kits which have been developed for leading semiconductor manufacturers.

Infineon AURIXTM
Infineon’s new AURIX microcontrollers have been specially designed to handle highly complex control applications. Hitex offers everything needed for a successful AURIX project: from adapters with emulation devices up to middleware packages. Especially for safety-critical applications, Hitex provides a lot of components such as self test libraries or pre-certified real-time systems. Hitex already successfully supported various AURIX projects as a safety expert with consulting and development services.

Find out all about the latest version of the Keil development kit MDK-ARM, that is now equipped with software packs for the support of various microcontrollers including examples. You just select the relevant chip support, communication and user interface and make up your runtime environment.

Hitex at the Embedded Conference!
Don't miss our lecture at the Embedded Conference with our software quality and software test expert Frank Buechner:
"Security by Static Analysis for Smaller Embedded Systems"
Thursday, March 16, 12:00 noon, Session 30

Please find more information about the conference program here.