Developing and debugging heterogeneous ARM Cortex Applications

DS-MDK Webinar with Trevor Martin: Thursday, August 17.

The Keil MDK-ARM has long been established as the reference toolchain for Cortex-M based microcontrollers and now supports several thousand devices. With the growth in application specific devices based on the Cortex-A family Keil has extended the MDK-ARM with a new toolchain called DS-MDK to support selected application specific devices. DS-MDK is ideal for developing on heterogeneous devices which contain both a Cortex-A and Cortex-M processor.

Join us for our next webinar where we will show you how ARM DS-MDK simplifies software development on heterogeneous devices, such as the i.MX7 from NXP.  During the webinar we will discuss how to setup a Linux application for the Cortex-A processor and an RTOS based application for the Cortex-M processor. We will also look at inter processor communication using Open AMP ( Asymmetric Multiprocessing) and OS Aware debugging for both Linux and RTOS systems.

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