Intelligent tools for embedded systems? We deliver!

Software development tools and system software for embedded systems

Development tools for embedded systems – accomplishing your goals faster through more intelligent tools

62% of all embedded projects are behind schedule, delayed or discontinued; 34% are on schedule; 4% are ahead of schedule. So how do you stay on schedule and get that project finished? One good way is to have the right tools for the job.

Intelligent tools for your embedded development

Innovative tools as well as new design- and development- paradigms can greatly shorten development times and costs, while at the same time improving the quality of the developed solution. The key lies in understanding the architecture of the development environment, as well as the interaction between the tools. There's no shortcut to this understanding,  except to have someone advise you at a level well beyond the individual tool components. That someone is Hitex. We're also happy to address the following questions:

  • What tools are needed to ensure new goals are achieved in the future?
  • How can development times, cycles and costs be reduced?
  • How do I quickly get from A to B or old to new?
  • How do I set up a certified process?
  • How can I perfectly train staff in using the tools (with Hitex training)?

This “bigger picture” perspective can also help you even when you only need to address a single tool component.

Best-in-class development tools and unbiased consulting recommendations

Why obtain development tools from Hitex? Because at Hitex we sell more than just development tools – we actually use them ourselves. Our engineering team has a large spectrum of development tools and a broad range of experience in development tasks. For this reason we can also offer better problem solving than if we were just a manufacturer or distributor. We guide you safely through the jungle of parameters to help you select embedded development software that takes the following into consideration:

  • constantly increasing complexity
  • shorter and shorter lifecycles
  • increasing numbers of versions requiring parallel maintenance as well as
  • increasing demands for system integration

We're embedded experts in all things microcontroller-related, making us the perfect partner especially when it comes to the interaction between hardware and software. Or take, for example, the topic of functional safety. There are very few TÜV-certified compilers on the market that are perfectly compatible with certain tools and software components. Ask us! Hitex has an answer for you.

The embedded development tool kit from Hitex

Because we do not make the development tools ourselves and also have several in our portfolio, we offer you much more neutral and broader consulting services. We offer the right tools from various manufacturers for a wide variety of tasks and architectures, without a bias towards specific products. Choose from the following topic areas: