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Supported Microcontrollers

To support a certain microcontroller, TESSY needs not only to be adapted to the microcontroller in question, but also to the cross compiler and the debugger software used. The debugger hardware is not of much relevance.

A list of all supported combinations of microcontroller, compiler, and debugger software ("the matrix") is available here.

This list also includes the version number of the tools for which the support was tested or updated especially. Intermediate versions might work as well. Please note, that the list is sorted by compiler manufacturer (and not by microcontroller). Tessy might support a given microcontroller with compilers from more than one compiler manufacturer. See "How to use the matrix" for details. You may find more information and documents in the TESSY download area by clicking on "Download" on the right hand.

The support is extended constantly. If your required combination is not supported at the moment, please ask Hitex about it.

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