From product to the system

Hitex supports specification and selection of tools and components

Systems Consulting

System consulting means the customers know exactly what they want and we help them to define the system. We look at what can be done in hardware and in software, what can be bought in and what has to be developed in-house. We also look at how the project can develop software safely and effectively and what processes might be needed.

This partitioning of the system requirements into hardware and software requirements looks at what software is required, for example whether a ‘bare metal’ design directly on top of the hardware or an embedded operating system with applications on top is more appropriate. Sometimes the customer has special requirements with a particular real time operating system (RTOS) and we can integrate that into the overall specification.

Alongside our consulting and production services Hitex can offer recommendations from its broad portfolio of software components and tools. This means we can suggest a mix of low end software components and high end ones depending on the exact project requirements.

Hitex has compilers of choice and a wide range of software components so we can recommend the elements that fit best with the customer needs.