Flexibility for development

Finding the appropriate technology

Technology Consulting

Sometimes a customer needs advice on what technology is available, and our engineers are highly experienced with the full range of embedded technologies. For example when a customer wants to learn about Ethernet TCP/IP, IPv6 or USB, our engineers can help them understand it, implement it and test it.

Where previously a connection technology may have been a serial link or LAN, now customers need to know about wireless links such as Bluetooth Smart and multicore processing. For example medical devices now need smart, upgradeable functions with backup batteries, so we can we provide technology consulting on low power, wireless and Ethernet connectivity and the safe field updating of firmware.

Customers can come to us with questions, sometimes for a block of time, or they work out a concept that they want help with. Our key advantage is that when we do this consulting we can do part of the development for the customer so the customer has the choice to make or buy the different components.

If the customer wants a solution from us they have all the rights, source code, documentation and the option to change it and even sell it onto other customers. If there are IP blocks from Hitex then we keep the rights to those blocks. 

All this give the customer the maximum flexibility for the development of their systems, from the different.