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Theory and practice

Fundamentals of Cortex-M3/4

Keil MDK-Arm Powertraining

Training information in brief

One-day introduction to the Keil µVision environment using a Cortex-M3/M4.

This seminar presents the fundamentals of Cortex-M3/M4 in theory and practice. The focus is on using Keil MDK-Arm under various conditions. From simply programmed linear code to RTOS using middleware, the capabilities of MDK-ARM are presented using practical examples. These exercises are guided and require at least average C-programming skills.

The training is based on the STM32 hardware platform.


  • Architecture Cortex M3/M4
  • Practice of basic project setup and introduction to IDE
  • Compiler and linker setup
  • Configuration and versions
  • Fundamentals of on-chip debugging
  • Resource usage and chip-specific MDK options
  • MDK analysis functions
  • Code optimization, troubleshooting and debugging strategies
  • Overview of the MDK-Pro middleware

Each participant receives

  • Eval board: MCB-STM32EXL
  • ULINK2 JTAG adapter
  • MDK-Arm Professional (30-day full license)
  • Bound copy of Insider's Guide STM32
  • All seminar documents and examples for self-training/further practice


  • Own laptop for participation in the practical exercises
  • Installation and licensing of the MDK-Arm before the seminar via the internet
  • Basic knowledge of programming embedded systems under C

Please contatct us for further details and on-site availability.

For details on this training in German language please switch to the German version.

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