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In today's interconnected digital landscape, the need for robust software security and reliability has never been greater. Sound static analysis is a critical method for ensuring the integrity of software systems, providing an unparalleled level of confidence in code quality and security. Utilizing mathematical verifications and maintaining full context sensitivity, our partner TrustInSoft provides a comprehensive approach to identifying and eliminating potential vulnerabilities.

TrustInSoft Analyzer

Elevate Software Security with Sound Static Analysis

TrustInSoft's exhaustive static analysis uses formal mathematical techniques and full context sensitivity to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities in C and C++ programs. This approach provides unparalleled software integrity by eliminating false negatives, ensuring the highest levels of quality and security for safety-critical industries.

The path to zero bugs

Formal methods

TrustInSoft uses formal mathematical techniques to exhaustively detect issues in C and C++ programs. This approach ensures a high level of accuracy and robustness in identifying potential vulnerabilities and bugs in the code.

Full context sensitivity

Unlike heuristic-based approaches, TrustInSoft maintains full context sensitivity throughout the analysis process. This means that the tool retains the exact execution context along all program steps, resulting in a comprehensive and detailed understanding of code defects.

Unparalleled Soundness

The combination of mathematical verifications and full context sensitivity results in unparalleled soundness. This means that TrustInSoft can mathematically assure the absence of defects in C and C++ programs, providing a level of confidence that is unmatched in the industry.

With rising demands on software quality, exhaustive testing is crucial. Our partnership with Hitex, embedded software experts, combines TrustInSoft's cutting-edge hybrid static analyzer with Hitex's proven track record, ensuring reliable and secure software solutions.

Jean-François Pouilly, TrustInSoft

Enhancing Software Quality for Safety-Critical Industries

TrustInSoft provides industry-leading software security solutions, particularly suited for safety-critical industries such as automotive, aerospace, telecommunications and IoT. Organizations in these industries can rely on TrustInSoft to improve the safety, security and robustness of their software to meet stringent regulatory requirements such as ISO 26262, ISO 21434, AUTOSAR, IEC 61508, IEC 62443, MISRA C, CERT C and many other standards.

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Download the TrustInSoft Whitepaper „Simplifying ISO 26262 Certification with TrustInSoft Analyzer“. The white paper contains analyses, case studies and practical solutions to support the deployment of safety-critical software.