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ARM Compiler

ARM® DS-5 Development Studio Professional Edition includes ARM Compiler 5, whilst DS-5 Ultimate Edition ships with ARM Compiler 6, the reference C/C++ ARM toolchains, which are ideal for microcontrollers, modem stacks, audio and video codecs and in general any bare metal application that requires high performance and small code size. Developed alongside the ARM architecture, the ARM Compilers are supported and maintained by ARM experts, giving you the confidence to rely on our toolchain for even the most demanding applications.

With DS-5 you can also edit, debug and optimize code built with the GNU Compiler (GCC) toolchain. For convenience, we integrate Linaro GCC for Linux in the DS-5 installation, so you can try our Linux examples and create your own Linux applications.

ARM Compiler 5

There are billions of devices in the world today relying on code built using ARM Compiler 5. From MCU to CPU development in every industry, ARM Compiler 5 gives you an exceptional C/C++ toolchain developed over 20 years alongside the ARM architecture.

ARM Compiler 6

DS-5 Ultimate Edition includes ARM Compiler 6, the next-generation toolchain for ARMv8. Combining the LLVM infrastructure with ARM C libraries and expert support to give you a modern, modular toolchain, ARM Compiler 6 gives you the best of both worlds.

Confidence: Developed with the Architecture, Maintained by the Experts

Whether you are writing software for ARM's classic processors such as the ARM11 or ARM9, or Cortex-A, R and M based ARMv6 and ARMv7 processors, you can confidently rely on ARM Compiler 5. With expert support and maintenance by the experts in ARM, you'll see why engineers all over the world have relied on ARM Compiler 5 to ship billions of products.

ARM Compiler 6 carries this tradition forward with a next-generation toolchain built on the LLVM infrastructure. With ARM C libraries and familiar sub-tools, backed up by ARM support and maintenance, you can build highly optimized C/C++ that takes full advantage of the ARMv8 architecture.

A Complete Toolchain

Just install DS-5 and our compiler toolchains will work out-of-the-box, giving you great, optimized code from the word go.

Built by ARM

We develop our compilers alongside the ARM architecture, allowing you to build efficient code for the world's most efficient processors.


Powerful optimization techniques such as NEON autovectorization work to make your code faster, with a smaller application footprint.

DS-5 Development Studio gives you access to the reference compiler for ARM out-of-the-box. From the first time you use DS-5 to the final lines of code in a product, ARM Compiler 5 and ARM Compiler 6 give you excellent code density and performance optimizations.

Features like semihosting make the early stages of your projects much easier, with tight integration between your target platform, debug unit and DS-5.

Supported Platforms

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