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Compare DS-5 Editions

DS-5 Ultimate Edition

DS-5 Ultimate Edition gives you everything you need for ARMv8 device development. It contains all the features of the DS-5 Professional Edition, plus compiler support and other tools required for 64-bit ARM projects. It includes the ARMv8 Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) for bare-metal, kernel and application development without the need for a hardware target. You also gain early access to new features with the Ultimate Edition allowing you to always stay at the leading technological edge.

Contact us to request your DS-5 Ultimate Edition 30-day evaluation license.

DS-5 Professional Edition

This is a leading-edge software development toolchain for bare-metal, RTOS, and Linux/Android™ projects. In addition to full debug support for all ARM processors and system performance analysis, it includes the highly optimizing ARM Compiler 5 and ARM Compiler 6. For a fast project start it also includes a quad-core Cortex™-A9 FVP simulation model for development of multicore software platforms.

ARM DS-5 Community Edition

This is a lightweight free edition with essential debug and system analysis tools. Ideal for C/C++ development on Android and first steps into development for application processors.

Compare the features of the DS-5 Editions

DS-5 Eclipse IDEyesyesyes
Processor Support   
ARM7 yesyes
Cortex-M yesyes
Cortex-R yesyes
Cortex-A (ARMv7-A)yesyesyes
Cortex-A (ARMv8-A)  yes
Code Generation   
ARM Compiler 6 ARMv7 onlyyes
ARM Compiler 5 yesyes
ARM Assembler yesyes
ARM MicroLib run-time library yesyes
Linaro GNU GCC Compiler for Linuxyesyesyes
Streamline Performance Analyzer   
Performance countersLimited setyesyes
Process/task tracingyesyesyes
Timeline viewyesyesyes
Flat function profiling (Function view)yesyesyes
Hierarchical profiling (Call Paths view) yesyes
Multicore analysis yesyes
External power data analysis yesyes
Annotation log view yesyes
Timeline filtering yesyes
Event-based sampling yesyes
Custom activity maps yesyes
Mali GPU profilingyesyesyes
OpenCL mode yesyes
Linux and Android gdbserver debugyesyesyes
Linux and Android Application Rewind yesyes
Stop-mode multicore Linux kernel debug yesyes
Stop-mode multicore bare-metal and RTOS debug yesyes
ETM instruction and data trace yesyes
PTM program trace yesyes
Trace- based function profiling yesyes
ITM/STM instrumentation and system trace yesyes
Support for global trace timestamps yesyes
Support for cross triggering yesyes
Simulation with Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP)   
Single-Core Cortex-A9 FVP yesyes
Quad-Core Cortex-A9 FVP yesyes
ARMv8 FVP  yes
Host platform   
Mac OS XyesStreamline onlyStreamline only
Technical Support and MaintenanceCommunity forums and online tutorialsARM & distribution network technical supportARM & distribution network technical support


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