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TASKING LAPACK Performance Libraries

TASKING provides an implementation of the LAPACK interface as a library for AURIX and AURIX 2nd Generation in the form of a highly optimized, highly tested binary library for usage with the TASKING TriCore Compiler. If you develop and maintain portable, yet high performance applications for the TriCore and other architectures supporting LAPACK, you should have a closer look. Using C/C++, MATLAB/Simulink and other high level programming interfaces that reference the LAPACK interface make it easy to develop and maintain high performance applications. LAPACK is proven in use for many years in many computing projects which place a strong emphasis on exactness, reliability and performance. Some of the feaures are:

  • Full BLAS/Full LAPACK API Library written in C
  • Test, Coverage and Benchmark Reports
  • User test set to verify correct setup and functionality
  • Bit exact TriCore result simulation on PC available
  • Benefits of using TASKING LAPACK:
    • Improve safety and performance by replacing “homegrown” algorithms by calls to LAPACK
    • Safe and simple library updates instead of full recertification
    • Identical library API for both prototyping (x86) and target

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